You are now of an age to take  responsibility for your own life.Now you’ve got to forget all this nonsense about becoming a painter and give some direction to your career.But,Dad being a painter is giving a direction to my career.

We all try to live our life on the best way we can.Some of us traveling, while others stay in one place too long.If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this:”We all want everything to be okay.We don’t even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous, our outstanding.We will happily settle for okay because most of the time okay is enough.”-Seriously Loving Every Day, David Levithan.

My virtual journey

All my life I was trying to find the perfect words to express how I feel about my own life,asking myself why all people are  looking for its meaning.I was asking my dearest friends travelers ,sharing their own experiences-” what is the best way to enjoy your adventure without pushing yourself beyond your limits?”I also spent  much time with those  who never go anywhere asking them about the reasons of their staying.


On my virtual journey I met  different kinds of people,  hoping that I will find the right answers .I met writers,travelers,photographers,painters.I also met hard workers and those lazy  ones unready to leave their own bed and to  continue with the rest of the day.But,I never met anyone who is not able to create even a small thing that other people can’t.That is how I learned to appreciate every single individual without judging them.

Most of those people that I’ve met are going too far  looking for themselves.Some of them already know who they are,and some of  them never stop questioning themselves.Those bravest  like to live on the edge,one step closer to the death.They simply want to feel the depth,abyss,excitement.The others are afraid of the rain or not to get wet.And everything seems fine if you don’t expect to be more good.

Must say that I always knew who I am and how far I can go.

And here I am.A person I always wanted to be.A writer,a blogger,survivor,someone who is looking forward to share his life  experience with the rest of world.Actually,my friends  travelers are those kind of people who inspired me to write about the things that they can feel and see,but they are not able to describe.They simply don’t know how to express themselves,or  they are simply afraid.Most of them don’t know how do describe even a typical traveling day .

I must say that I was very surprized seeing many people travel the world sharing beautiful photos only.I asked them once:” Do you have anything more to say about the beauty of the river waiting for  the sunset on the  shore” and they all looked at me surprised.Their answer  was very simple”a photo speaks more than a thousand words”.Then I remembered  something.People are visual creatures.If you are in a room with more then ten  people talking ten different languages,   one nice photo only  will be  enough for them to  understand you.

And don’t forget

you can still be

what you want to

what you said you were

when I met you..







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