Skinny Legs,Small Hips


Shaving off bits of flesh.Thinning down legs.Flattening stomachs.Widening hips.Creating bigger asses.Fuller breasts.Smaller arms.But I will never alter my body to fit to one narrow definition of beautiful.I will never be the reason someone looks at their own body and wishes it was different,based on a lie.

All we need is more men and women to post the pictures as they are.Round bellies and thick thighs.Skinny legs and flat asses.All of it.Maybe then we wouldn’t think there is only one way to be.

Or maybe not.Maybe we can do something else.

As the guardian of your own happiness,it is up to you alone to care for yourself,in all the big ways,and the little ones too.Whatever those moments are,the ones that make you happy,do them.Do them as much as you can.It’s called self-care.If you want to sit and eat cake for months then do it.Be with friends.Be alone.Go to the cinema.Spend the afternoon in the library.Wear your favourite suit.Slip on silk or sleep in nothing at all.Take yourself on a date.Be yourself a present.Do what makes you feel good.It is your duty to to step up,and care for yourself.


A,mozda i ne moramo.Taj tretman peglanja bora se lijeci ljubavlju,vlaznim nocima i uzdasima.On se lijeci samponom od koprive,od koje se zatim pravi blag caj,ili sasvim lijep i lagan rucak.Ili,ne morate cak ni to da uradite.Vi jednostavno mozete da imate odgovarajucu sminku koja ce samo blago istaknuti vasu ljepotu.Ne,ne morate cak ni da imate suncane naocale kako biste je sakrili.

-l.l,Shape Of You


2 thoughts on “Skinny Legs,Small Hips

  1. Great points

    You want people to post photos as they are, but your photo at the top of the article is stylised in a way that promotes beauty rather than honesty. Black and white, shot from above.

    Whilst this is understandable, it clashes somewhat with your point.

    Love your sentiment though, hope you live it.


    1. I actually loved her smile.It was not not fake,and for me there are no ugly people,so here is my reply…I lived with so many insecurities,one of them was not to hurt anyone saying something that they don’t want to hear,something that would hurt their feelings.People didn’t believe me saying “you look perfect˝.That time i felt strange trying to prove that I am not.Then I changed my mind.Whatever you think of me it’s probably true.For me,if we talk about beauty there is only one way to reach me-kindness.For those who disagree creating bigger asses,fuller breasts,smaller hips…well,love your sentiment though,hope u live it.i do live mine…Thank you for your comment.Greetings from Europe.


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